100 Words | #9 Itinerary

Itinerary Our holiday plans included sandy beaches, lovely and picturesque sunrises, reading and long walks, and gourmet food. But when you’re on vacation with a teething, hyperactive toddler, it’s a different ballgame altogether. We did not have a very strict itinerary to begin with, but it was tough to keep up even with our super... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #8 Holiday

Holiday A holiday is supposed to be a break from routine. It is supposed to help you relax, take your mind off the everyday so that when you come back to reality, you are better prepared for the mundane. Or at least enthusiastic about facing the daily rut for the first six or seven days.... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #7 Game

Game It was an art. The right angle, the right amount of force from the perfect spot was all he needed. And the further he got, the harder it became to get it right. The added pressure of losing a turn if he missed, was not something he needed when he was trying to concentrate.... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #6 Fart

Fart The twinkling lights, the chilly night, and the big bird; what a great sight, he thought. He climbed on to the bus that would take him to his ride that was barely 500 meters away, but airport regulations wouldn't allow him to walk on the tarmac. He shuffled, a little uncomfortable. When the bus halted,... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #5 Energy

Energy It is all bogus until you experience it yourself. "I can't see it, so how can it exist?" you ask. Then someone walks into a room and you can feel everything go cold as if there were a Dementor in the vicinity. Someone else walks in and your body warms up. Your eyes meet... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #4 Dark

Dark She heard hushed voices. Instinctively, she stiffened. I can wield a weapon. I can do this, she told herself as she braved through the corridor. She had never gotten into a physical fight before. Ever. But if it came to 'do or die', she would rather do than just die. She fumbled in her... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #3 Clear

Clear "I can do this on my own," he said as he caught his father's hand. "You don't need to watch me." "I know you can. I'm here just in case you... just in case, okay?" He could sense his father's hesitation. But he was determined. He could do it. He went down on one... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #2 Begin

Begin She looked at the sheet nervously. She had a few moments before she could officially begin. She always utilised this time to assess the damage. She knew it only made her more nervous, but she did it anyway. She looked around. Sweat on the forehead, foot-tapping, drumming of fingers, and biting nails were the... Continue Reading →

100 Words | #1 Avoid

Avoid It's just easier than confrontation. Is the heartache worth it? Maybe it is, but I wouldn't know. I think about picking up the phone sometimes and asking questions, a lot of questions. But I doubt I'll get answers. Not truthful ones at least. Maybe I'm not the only one guilty, though. It takes two to... Continue Reading →

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