100 Words | #5 Energy


It is all bogus until you experience it yourself.

“I can’t see it, so how can it exist?” you ask.

Then someone walks into a room and you can feel everything go cold as if there were a Dementor in the vicinity.

Someone else walks in and your body warms up. Your eyes meet and there’s hope. Everything is right in the world again. That is the positive energy everyone keeps talking about. And that means negative energy is just as real.

Now you know it exists because you can feel it.

But how do you stay away from it?

This post is a part of a weekly series.
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In an effort to present myself with a creative challenge, yet take the pressure off and be regular, I’ve committed to myself to write a post with 100 words in the content every week. To make choosing the topic easier, I have assigned an alphabet to each week. For example, Week 1 (Jan 1-7) – A, Week 2 (Jan 8-14) – B, and so on. So in 52 weeks, the whole alphabet will be covered twice.
If you want to join in, feel free to write on any topic (you don’t need to adhere to A, B, C) and write any day of the week. The link will open every Monday, 8 AM IST and will be open till the following Monday, 7:55 AM IST.

100 Words- Week 5 with Mrs. Writes a Latte

<a href=" https://mrswritesalatte.com/2018/01/30/100-words-5-energy" title="Mrs. Writes-a-Latte"><img src=" https://mrswritesalatte.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/100-words-week-5-with-mrs-writes-a-latte.png?" alt="100 Words- Week 4 with Mrs. Writes a Latte" width="300" /></a>


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