Hypocrisy and Indian Television

I know I am more than three years late on the issue, but hey, I discovered blogging only recently and even with that, you need something called inspiration (or in this case, something that gets on your nerves so badly that you would want to vent!) During dinner time in our house, we generally watch the … More Hypocrisy and Indian Television

Quiet Please!!!

I must’ve said that more times at home than I have said in class. Weird, I know! It’s ironic that as a teacher I haven’t said “Quiet Please” enough in class. But why would there be a need to say that at home?? Let me explain! Our family is loud and by loud I mean larger-than-life … More Quiet Please!!!

My first blog!

Every time I went through an emotion, a very strong one, whether it was happiness or extreme sorrow I felt the need to pen it down. And this led to a lot of diaries with only the first few pages filled as I could never write about my feelings on a regular basis. Although these … More My first blog!