I better have a good reason for this!

Well, its 2.50 am, I’m still up, NOT studying and yet I don’t feel like doing anything else but mindlessly playing with the keyboard and then hoping that something good will turn out. Some of my best ideas and thoughts have surprisingly been born at this hour or when I’m sleeping… Yes! I have come up with stuff in my sleep. But alas! When morning comes, it also destroys the magical idea, whatever it was.

I come up with solutions for things that have been bothering me even if I am not aware that they are in fact bothering me and the solution always seems so simple. It’s as if the answer is right there in front of you and you still don’t know it. But when you consciously try and think about it, you’re still stuck without knowing what to do!

And I am going nowhere with this post. I want to be melodramatic and write about my feelings and how sad my life has become ‘coz the only companions I have right now are my books. Only I wish they were any kind of books but the kind that expect you to know what’s in them and reproduce the material later for an examination that will decide whether or not you are going to be wealthy for the rest of your life! (I might as well find a stinkingly rich guy and trap him rather than studying.. ok trying to study so hard…)

Yes… my CA books are responsible for my state of mind now (or at least that’s what I’d like to think). When did a job become more about earning a lot of money than doing something you love? Guess I’ll never be able to understand that!

The need to be melodramatic could be because I am also reading (during breakfast, lunch and dinner time) ‘My Sweet Audrina’ by V. C. Andrews and if you’ve ever read what she writes, you will understand. I had vowed that I will not touch a novel till my CA exams were over but I caved! And can you blame me for wanting a change?? I guess not!

Writing my blog seems like a respite! Which, by the way I was forbidden to update till my exams were over… Seems like there’s a very long list of things that I CAN’T do till June 16 (hopefully June if the exams are postponed or else I will get my big break by mid or end of May) But that doesn’t stop me from writing what I feel and yes… I am going to obey orders and stay away from the blog (can’t give up Audrina though) unless I feel this relentless urge to write again! I promise…

(1) Notice that there is no link between the way the post began and what I’ve written in the end. I better have a good reason for that! Oh wait… I do! Please read the post again for corroborative evidence! (Been reading too much of Auditing too!!!)
(2) Kindly note that I have nothing against the profession or the excellence that it demands but you must understand the plight of a student who is as good as chained to her books for another three and a half months at least!


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