100 Words | #2 Begin

Begin She looked at the sheet nervously. She had a few moments before she could officially begin. She always utilised this time to assess the damage. She knew it only made her more nervous, but she did it anyway. She looked around. Sweat on the forehead, foot-tapping, drumming of fingers, and biting nails were the … More 100 Words | #2 Begin

#1 A Good Listener? | Fiction Series – High School Never Ends

This is a first-person narrative from the point of view of Anahita Sahani – the protagonist of High School Never Ends – a book my sister, Kritika, and I are working on. The story published here is based on the same characters, the timeline matches the events in the book, and the narrative style is exactly … More #1 A Good Listener? | Fiction Series – High School Never Ends

100 Words | #1 Avoid

Avoid It’s just easier than confrontation. Is the heartache worth it? Maybe it is, but I wouldn’t know. I think about picking up the phone sometimes and asking questions, a lot of questions. But I doubt I’ll get answers. Not truthful ones at least. Maybe I’m not the only one guilty, though. It takes two to … More 100 Words | #1 Avoid

18 for 2018

Every single one of us begins the new year with renewed energy and optimism. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start that, in our head, gives us the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves, someone we aspire to be. I don’t know about others but for me, the enthusiasm fades away pretty quickly. … More 18 for 2018

Jinx the Jinx

Here’s the deal; I’m superstitious. Actually, I’m not even sure that ‘superstitious’ would describe what I am exactly. We may have to come up with a whole new word for what I am, because I am not traditionally superstitious; I have my own issues – some of which may fall under the category of “crazy.” … More Jinx the Jinx

Sec. 274(1) of the Companies Act, 1956… The Story of My Life

I was on the phone last night, talking to Sandeep in my study room when my mom walked in. The time must’ve been around past eleven. She walked in and just started talking to me about something all the while knowing not only that I was on the phone, but also fully aware of whom … More Sec. 274(1) of the Companies Act, 1956… The Story of My Life

Side Effects of Studying: #2 I’m always sleepy

Last time we discussed Insomnia; being unable to sleep. So what happens when you’re unable to sleep properly for a few days?? You become sleep deprived, since you spend most of the time rolling from one side of the bed to the other thinking, worrying and by extension not sleeping, when you’re supposed to be … More Side Effects of Studying: #2 I’m always sleepy