100 Words | #6 Fart

Fart The twinkling lights, the chilly night, and the big bird; what a great sight, he thought. He climbed on to the bus that would take him to his ride that was barely 500 meters away, but airport regulations wouldn’t allow him to walk on the tarmac. He shuffled, a little uncomfortable. When the bus halted, … More 100 Words | #6 Fart

100 Words | #4 Dark

Dark She heard hushed voices. Instinctively, she stiffened. I can wield a weapon. I can do this, she told herself as she braved through the corridor. She had never gotten into a physical fight before. Ever. But if it came to ‘do or die’, she would rather do than just die. She fumbled in her … More 100 Words | #4 Dark

Schooled #1 | Faux Pas – Redundant words in Everyday Phrases

I have this impulsive need to correct everyone’s spoken grammar, and my relatives and friends have had the opportunity to get annoyed by this for years now. With social media, this need has only amplified. There’s an old joke that goes something like: I liked him a lot until he opened his mouth. But I’d … More Schooled #1 | Faux Pas – Redundant words in Everyday Phrases