18 for 2018

Every single one of us begins the new year with renewed energy and optimism. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start that, in our head, gives us the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves, someone we aspire to be.

I don’t know about others but for me, the enthusiasm fades away pretty quickly. And with it, most of my plans go down the drain. But I realised that it’s not because I am no longer interested in being that fantastic person, it’s because my plans are too rigid and usually don’t have any downtime or provision for normal loss. In simple words, my goals have been a tad bit, just a tad bit, unrealistic. So when I come across a very foreseeable hurdle that alters my plans a little, I get disappointed and give up because it is easier than working harder. Lazybones alert!

But this time, I thought I’d tread with caution and provide for downtimes in my goals. Still, there’s no guarantee that something unexpected won’t come up. And if and when it does, my mantra this year is going to be to do it anyway. A 90% success rate, or even a 75% success rate is better than failure, right?

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In the spirit of getting things done in 2018, here are my 18 goals and the resolutions that will help me achieve them.

1. Motherhood

Be a reliable mom and a good teacher.

Be available, Love unconditionally, Teach good values,
Protect your cub like the Mamma Bear you are.

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2. Relationship

Monthly lunch/dinner date, just the two of us.
Plus some other stuff I’d rather not share here. 🙈

Listen, Understand, Respond, Reciprocate.

3. Family

Host a get-together at least once a quarter.

Get the family together more often.

4.  Reading

20 Books

Read every day for at least 30 minutes
15 in the morning and 15 before going to bed.

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 3

5. Writing

385,000 words

Write every day, at least four sprints of 10-15 minutes each.

1,000 words every day except the month of November [(365-30)*1000] = 335,000
plus words in November for NaNoWrimo = 50,000
Total = 385,000

6. Cooking

24 New recipes I’ve never tried before.

Healthy, home-cooked meals 6/7 days a week

Experiments to be done on one weekend a month where I will try two new recipes.

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7. Hobby

6 new craft projects

Find time to be crafty, make art a part of life.

8. Skill

Learn Swimming

Be regular, don’t give up, continue practising once you learn it.

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9. Travel

2 vacations

Take a break from real life, soak in sunrises or sunsets,
read, lay in the grass or sand and forget about the rest of the world.
But keep reading and writing. 😛

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10. Health & Fitness

Lose 18 kgs and 4 inches

Find time and ways to exercise at least 4 days a week.
Step out of the house more often. Breathe fresh air.

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 11

11. Home

Keep the home clean, neat and tidy.

Maintenace is key so – purge one large section of the house every month,
clear one bag/corner every week, and tidy up at least twice a day.

12. Lifestyle

Find a new home to live in.

A new place, new people, new culture, new norms.
Get out of the rut.

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 6

13. Friendship

Make time to meet friends at least once a quarter.

No work talk, no baby talk.
Gossipping is okay; in fact, encouraged. 😆

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 17

14. Self-care

Be kind to yourself. Be flexible and open to change.

Find time to do unproductive things that you enjoy.
Every action doesn’t have to have a higher purpose.
Do things for fun. Fun is good.
Fun makes you happy and happiness is a long-term goal.

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 18

15. Spiritualism

Connect with your body, mind and soul.

Meditate every day for at least 15 minutes

Mrs. Writes-a-latte 18 Goals for 2018 Resolutions 7

Work Goals

16. Get the novel ready for publishing
17. Launch one more online course
18. Start earning money.

Just do it. No excuses.

I know this all sounds very ambitious and it may seem like I have thought it all through, but there’s a very good chance that I might not be able to accomplish some or most of it. But it won’t be for lack of trying.

What are your goals for 2018?

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