About Us

I am 21 years old. I like cats. ‘Fuck’ is my favorite word. Sarcasm is my lifeline. If you are anti-racism, anti-sexism or don’t discuss sex openly, it is most likely that you won’t understand my humour. This also means that we can’t be friends. I say “fight me” a lot for a 5’1” girl who usually has a problem opening heavy doors and reaching shelves. If my writing offends you then, meh.
The gym is my favourite, Forever21 is my favourite, I AM my favourite.
My sister made me do this.

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I am the sister who made Kritika do this. It was necessary. 
When I’m not breaking my head on a wall because someone wrote ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ in their Facebook Status, I love to read, write and make pretty things out of paper. What I love even more, though, is pointing out errors in people’s writing, or even while they’re talking.

I like to pinch my sister when she doesn’t call me Didi. I love to play with her hair. I have never, not will I ever ask her if she’s actually okay with this.

I also love to (binge) watch TV shows ranging from murder mysteries (like Castle and How To Get Away with Murder) or legal-political dramas (like Scandal and The Good Wife) and sometimes even crappy reality TV shows. Celeb-bashing and nit-picking are second nature to me. 

If nothing interests me, I cuddle with my cat. Or my husband. In that order.

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