#4 Catfights are fun to watch! | Fiction Series – High School Never Ends

This is a first-person narrative from the point of view of Anahita Sahani – the protagonist of High School Never Ends – a book my sister, Kritika, and I are working on. The story published here is based on the same characters, the timeline matches the events in the book, and the narrative style is exactly the same. However, these stories are in addition to what’s in the book, ergo, exclusive. 😛 
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Catfights are fun to watch High School Never Ends Mrs. Writes-a-Latte Fiction Short Story BlogchatterA2Z 2018 Chic Lit 2

May 10, 2014
8:45 AM
Film City, Mumbai.


All heads turned in the same direction and by then the pulling of hair and clothes hard enough to rip them off had begun.

It seemed to be two very young girls fighting, but I didn’t recognise them. They were probably extras on the set for the aarti and havan scene.

“Wait! Where are you going?” pulled Neel’s T-shirt which then got caught around his neck.

“To break them up! We are on a clock here!” he looked at me as if was the teenager.

“But it’s so much fun. The drama on the show is all fake and we don’t get to see a catfight even then. At least let me watch for a couple of more minutes!” I said, only half joking.

“You have ten seconds until I get there,” he said and sprinted towards the girls who now had scratched and bruised faces, but that could be covered with makeup and somehow I was upset that it would be the only upside to the day because others had intervened before Neel had a chance to try.

I looked at my watch and my heart skipped a beat.

8:47 AM.

Eight minutes to go.

I had a feeling we were all overthinking it, but somehow I couldn’t shake it off.

Jugnu had joined the Channel recently and had not made things easier. But we had ignored that considering he was just learning his way around how things worked. And despite his horrible personality that made me want to break something every time, I told myself that it wasn’t personal because he was an ass to everyone, not that that was an excuse.

A part of me was glad that we had the fight under control. If I wanted drama, I could always rely on Pinky.

That reminded me that I had to still check out what her friends had to say about the photo she tagged me in. I’m sure at least a few of them would be vocal about how she had totally disregarded them. I couldn’t wait to read the comments.

Ah, the little things I looked forward to!

To be continued.

This blog post is written for Blog Chatter’s AtoZ Blogging Challenge #BlogChatterA2Z

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