Respite, Relief and Realization!!!!

After a mind-numbingly sarcastic and distressing narrative, I’m happy to be writing about something AWESOME! And yes, such strong positive emotions can be evoked only by my school friends, a few members of my family, and some other close friends that I have.

The past few days have been an emotional roller-coaster and my mind has been playing see-saw with my thoughts. Meeting the gang for Sandeep & Jay’s birthdays was something I was looking forward to for a long time. I was more eager to make plans for that day than Sandeep himself was and I had started discussing it with him 10-12 days before his birthday. Making a card for him and Jay was like a project for me (Jay and Sandeep share their birthdays but unfortunately Jay is in the US for his masters.)

It was a way for me to take my mind off other things and let my creativity take charge of the rest. And believe me, for me fun started the moment I started planning what the cards would look like. It was as if it didn’t matter that I didn’t study those one or two days that I spent making the cards because when they were finally completed, it all seemed worth it.

Right from making the card with Kamya, Arvind, and Jyothi to trying to keep Sandeep away from A-9, to making comments about his ‘Ghajini’ style haircut at dinner, to having dessert (and almost a disaster) at Temptations, to going back to A-9 around midnight and calling Jay to wish him Happy Birthday too, to not letting Sandeep enter the hall because all of us were still writing comments on his card…

…to Amit actually telling Sandeep that we were working on a surprise for him (I could actually hit Amit for that (as if not letting Sandeep enter the living room and making him wait at the entrance was not enough for him to guess that something was going on. Jyothi and I decided that if we are planning a surprise for someone it should be a surprise for Amit as much as it is for the person intended!), to seeing the amazed look on Sandeep’s face when he saw the card, to calling Jay once again while the cake was being cut and giving him a running commentary as to what was going on that very moment…

…to Vishal smearing a piece of cake over the mouthpiece of Amit’s phone (as if that would electronically transmit the cake to Jay!) to dancing like crazy on ‘Emosanal Atyachar’ (is that even a song?) and other equally irritating songs, to finally being so tired that there was nothing else left to do but sleep, to hearing Madhu snore like a machine and still trying to sleep, to waking up the next morning and going to Siddhi Vinayak (the original plan was to go to the temple in Dadar but we ended up at the temple in Andheri. But it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?) to going to Amit’s place to have a video call with Jay…

…to watching the videos of the previous night and laughing like crazy at our craziness, to discovering that there was no internet connectivity at Amit’s place, to rushing to Jyothi’s place and having a long and wonderful chat with Jay, to suddenly getting Omkar’s call (all the way from Australia! It was a big surprise that he remembered their birthdays without someone having to remind him (maybe Orkut and Facebook helped him with that but what the hell!)…

…to almost not talking to Omkar (for the silly thing that he did, I could almost never speak to him again. But it’s Omkar and it’s impossible to stay angry at him for long!) but finally laughing while talking to him, to having a conference voice chat with Jay and Omkar, to finally having to say our bye-byes to everyone, it was all awesome fun!

It was so much fun that we forgot that we had to eat our lunch. It was after the conference calls ended (at 5 PM) that we realized that we were hungry. Anyway, after we had something to eat we all decided to go home since we had spent almost 24 hours together.

After reaching home I realized that even though I was worried in the back of my mind, just being with all of them made me feel relaxed and relieved (albeit momentarily.)

I also realized that I needed this (especially after what Kanchan and I went through at Tanuruh’s birthday treat… read the previous post), more than anything else to be in the company of people who love you even if they pull your leg, who have been your support system for all these years, who laugh at your jokes (even if rarely ‘coz my jokes ain’t always that funny), who know you so well that they realize something’s wrong even without you telling them, who will go out of their way to make you feel good, who will do the funniest of things that you will forget your worries no matter how huge and troublesome they may be, who care for you so much that you know it even if they don’t say it! I have decided that I need to meet my friends often ‘coz meeting them is like the feel of a breath of fresh air after you come out of a stuffy room!

The best part, two days later I was with them again – this time to celebrate the engagement of Amit’s elder sister! And boy did we have fun!! Every time I meet these guys and feel so happy I realize that I have missed out on a lot of this in the past and it’s going to be a while before I can have fun with them on a regular basis because of my exams. But hey, come June and I’m there with them every single time they’re planning to go for a movie or if it’s just another sleepover at A-9! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Respite, Relief and Realization!!!!

  1. Hey babes….
    Good to know that u had a great time…. Its always fun to be around with school frnds… How much ever u are depressed thrown out of the mood, a meeting with them put things back to track (atleast emotionally for the time being)… I could actually visualise meeting my schoold frnds where we end up going back the school days or to Bishan's Bachelors / Marriage where we had a great time together… was kinda put back on track maself…. 😉 We may not always realise small small things but when u actually read it u start recollecting things n the great time u had… Thanks for sharing ur expe n making me visualise the beautiful moments….

    I know i may sound insane n m not able to out the feelings in the right words.. but i hope u ubderstand what m trying to say….

    N if u need guidance for the name of ur first book… I have tought of “Infinite emotions” but it will be more like a autobiagraphy than the a novel… so probably we can keep this as the second or the third book…. 😉


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