Comment Tutorial

I am not using the custom blogger comment system because I was facing some trouble with it. To make things simpler for me; moderation wise I installed a new comment system that may be a little difficult for people to follow. Let me help you with that.
This is how the comment form will look like before you have decided to leave your comment. You can either comment as a Guest, which means you have to enter your name and e-mail address and click on ‘Post as Guest’ or you can log in. Details on how to log in are mentioned below. (It used to have a compulsory login before but I changed that a bit because this seems more convenient. So instead of the “Login and Post” tab that you see in the picture at the bottom right of the comment form, you will see a “Post as Guest” tab and an option to log in, in case you want to.)
You can log in using either of the four options listed there – a Disqus account, Facebook account, Twitter account or an Open ID (which means the URL of your blog). On the comment form, click on the tab corresponding to the account you want to log in from.
For example, if you click on ‘f Connect’ this window opens.
All you have to do is enter the e-mail address you use to log into your Facebook account and your Facebook password. The system will NOT save your password.
Once you have logged in, this is what the page will look like.
Type your comment in the comment form after you have logged in and click on “Post as yourname” at the bottom right of the comment form. There is also a ‘share on Facebook’ option at the bottom left which allows you to publish your comment on your Facebook profile. Uncheck that if you don’t want it published.
Once your comment has been submitted, leave the rest to me. It will be visible once I approve it. And if you are a regular, remind me to put you on the “Whitelist” of commentors; which means your comments won’t need approval. They will be visible immediately after you post them.
If you have any further questions, write to me at
P.S. Apparently there is some point system for users who comment or “like” comments often – basically for users who are active on the Disqus commeting system. If you care about all that, keep commenting! 😉