A Perfect Circle

They say, ‘What goes around comes around,’ and as of this moment, for me there is no other statement that emanates more truth than this one. At the risk of sounding like a little girl (I was a little girl when it all began,) all I want to say is that I can’t believe it’s true and its happening, but it is!

As a nine year old girl, the vibes that I released into the universe completed a full circle two weeks ago, almost thirteen and a half years later. And was the wait worth it? It definitely was!

Even two weeks ago, I was nowhere close to thinking that it would actually happen. But life is full of surprises and this awesome one hit me when I had stopped thinking about it and left it all up to fate to decide what would happen. After thirteen years that comprised of not talking, (for a major part of it ) then becoming friends, having the best times, misunderstandings, and everything else that is normal and mundane between two friends, life took a sharp unexpected turn on this Friday the 13th!

They say distances get people closer and that’s probably what happened with us too. A few months of being angry at each other and not talking, was what we needed (he more than I! 😆) to realize that we couldn’t be just friends (and technically, I don’t think we ever were!)

I haven’t gone into much detail about this part of my life so far, for obvious reasons. But this is so huge, that I have to write about it; because I want to remember this feeling forever. And that was precisely the reason I started blogging – to have each such event in my life as a memoir! Although this one deserves an entirely separate blog, not just a single post, I’ll try to do my best!

It was the first day of standard 5 – a new class, new teachers, new faces – some familiar and some totally new. And among these faces, was this cute little boy who was new in school and the class teacher appointed him as the monitor of the class. The only other thing I remember of that day in 1996 when he stood in front of the entire class to get his badge, is that he had these dimples which struck some chord in my heart and there was nothing that could stop the magical music ringing in my ears, (which has been ringing since then – on and off, more on than off.)

I don’t know how strong the feelings can be when you’re just nine, but say whatever; I know I’ve never felt that way about anyone else EVER! If it’s possible, each time something awesome happens between us (whether it an evening spent with each other or a simple phone conversation) it just seems to grow stronger.

Over the years, there has been more to him than just his dimples. It is his innocence, his humility, his genuineness, his amazing capacity to crack the silliest of jokes (that only I seem to think are funny!) and the fact that I go gaga every time I see or think of him!

So finally, finally, finally, after all this time, I think cupid stuck an arrow somewhere in his heart too. I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me what he felt and even today, it hasn’t totally sunk in! How can it? I’ve been wanting this for so long… it’s hard to believe that it has in fact come true! It may sound like it a story from a fairy tale, but hey, it’s my fairy tale!

So what went around did come around and the circle is complete. But even though the circle has ended, for us, it’s just the beginning!! 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Perfect Circle

  1. Dear Nikita,

    This ones really special. I really appreciate the fact that you have written things which I did not even know. I am really happy. Hope things remain this way all the time.

    Have a great day!!



  2. Wow!!! First one to comment… Brilliant!!! This sort of makes this post even more special… I can't believe I hadn't told you all this before… Anyway, cheers to this! Looking forward to an awesome time with you!!  🙂


  3. hello babez!!!!!

    hey…..i always appreaciate your writing ability…. each blog u write has a life in it…. and it's wonderful to see it through your writings as even though i can't see it you make it make easy to visualise….. well as per this blog… it's a  beautiful tale…. where long waited princess finally found her Charming-Handsome-Dimpled Prince…. hope the journey of this story is beautiful and have many happy moments!!!! god bless you and keep you happy always… that's how i want my friend to be…forever happy and smiling…blushing… etc etc…. hehehehhe!!!(well my writing skills are not so good…. if any mistakes…do let me know….)… loads of love and care…..

    Kanchan & Saurabh!!!( even on his behalf)


  4. Yeh Love-Love kya chal raha hain ??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Guys, Dekho..Love U bolo..par sirf ek ko..yeh baat kuch jammi nahi ..lol

    But Niki and Sandeep..u both ignore my comments.. esp u Sandeep.. Hahah !!!

    Kya dialouge maare hain ..wah-wah.. chords in my heart, etc etc..

    But u waited so long for him.. even more than Karan-Arjun ki Maa.. :p

    agar.. tu dialouge marti ” mera Sandeep aayega..ha woh aayega” toh may be woh jaldi aata.. wiout ticket !!!

    Chalo Guys ..All the Best !!!


    P.s – Niki, Maine poora nahi padha.. i guess u kw tht.. Cheers !!!


  5. You both are such cuties! I don’t know about cupid but I definitely remember the elections in 10th std.. Where there was soo much of drama! It is so vivid in thoughts till now.. N that’s the only time may be I must have heard sandeep shout in all these years of school.. Else I jus knew him as the boy who sang english songs!


    1. Oh man! That fight!! I think it was the only thing that came close to matching up to the 7th standard incident. During the whole election drama, I was glad I wasn’t the one in the line of fire for a change, LOL! And to his credit, in the 18 years since the 10th standard incident, I have seen him lose it only once, I think. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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